rio de janeiro vol II

I’ve found my place. It’s in Rio. Hahario_carolineroxy1
Exotic fruit from heaven.rio_carolineroxy8
The cable railway to Sugarloaf mountainrio_carolineroxy6
Downtown, in the rushrio_carolineroxy2
Coconut ice cream, best thing ever.rio_carolineroxy12
I <3 Rio. Yup!rio_carolineroxy4
Cristo Redentorrio_carolineroxy9
Frozen yoghurt break in the shadow.rio_carolineroxy3
The view from Cristo Redentorrio_carolineroxy11
Market place
Frozen coconut yoghurt with bananas, passion fruit and cashew nuts.rio_carolineroxy7
Palm trees are magical trees.rio_carolineroxy13
An evening on the beach. We bought a guitar, don’t think Martin would survive without one, hahario_carolineroxy14
We had churros with chocolate, ofc! / All pictures taken with Lumix GX7


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