Babes in Torino

Torino_carolineroxy15Me and Annie, ready to explore the town!Torino_carolineroxy14The buildings and cafés are so cosy!Torino_carolineroxy1Met some readers from Torino, so beautiful and so nice to meet you!Torino_carolineroxy3The wine and bread sticks that literally taste Italy!Torino_carolineroxy16Enjoying the time with my gal!Torino_carolineroxy2Pasta Bolognese, yup, the best pasta is from Italy for sure!Torino_carolineroxy13I wanted to have this bike, haha…Torino_carolineroxy12Tapas, ice cream, cappuccino and cocktails, what more could you ask for?Torino_carolineroxy17From here I got my scarf, woop!


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