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Shoot with OnePiece – get the jumpsuit HERE 

I’m so filled up with happiness and love so I don’t think I need to sleep for a while, haha.
Today we continued with the recording of the TV show. We got a make up lesson by Färg, I did a model job and I met up with Fabio & Rebecca and their kids to eat and do some shopping. That family <3 OMG. So thankful to have them beautiful souls in my life, can’t say that too often!
Tomorrow me and a bunch of lovely friends are going to the opening of Josefinas, a club and restaurant by the water here in Stockholm.. And you know what I’ve heard? They’ve opened a pool area. YUP, I will be in the pool for sure 😉 First I’m going to do a photoshoot for a fitness magazine tho, so have to run now. Have a beautiful day <3 Get the amazing jumpsuit above HERE

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