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Good morning sunshines! I’m so crazy happy about New York. But my belly tickles when I’m thinking about that we’re leaving for Los Angeles today. I’ve already started to plan the first days, filled up with meetings, dinners and photoshoots. And walking around in Santa Monica. It was so beautiful when I was there the last time. I’ve been there a lot but if you have any ‘must do’s’, let me know!! 🙂 The days in New York have been so filled up with adventures I really want to share with you. I wish that all of you could experience the life of this city. I enjoy everything from a walk in central park to long talks with the taxi drivers. In just one ride (yeah it’s heavy traffic tho) you can learn so much just by talking with someone, to hear what they have been doing through the days of their lives, to share the experiences. To share a laughter. How beautiful is that?


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