roxy_steph6_ roxy_steph5Photo: Steph Verschuren

Yay. I flew out to Los Angeles by myself. Solo. Yup, riding solo. Kind of proud since I literally shit my self when up in a plane high above the ground. I keep asking myself why I do it every time I’m up there. Well, I did it. Been productive as hell for 24 hours. Feels good to be friends with the palm trees and the blue sky again. I was not made for winter, but then again who is? So, today I’m actually gonna follow the team to go shopping for the movie shooting, how fun’s that? And location is out in the wild forrest. Yaaaay. Creativeness is the shit that speaks most truly to me. Can’t live without it. Seriously. Hope y’all have an amazing day with good energy and warm people. Xx

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