• One way trip

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    Åh solen skiner här igen och det är så magiskt. Blir SÅ glad av solsken. Jag sitter och är precis klar med dagens möten och är så sugen på att dra ut på en båt. Får bli det snart. Istället ska jag sätta mig och jobba vid datorn – MEN på balkongen, och det är ju livskvalité bara det 😀 Xx

    Oh, the sun is shining here again and its so magical. Sunshine makes me SO happy. I’m done with today’s meetings and I would be so down for a boat trip, lol. Let’s plan that soon. Instead I’m gonna sit down and work with the computer – BUT on our balcony, that’s life quality too right 😀 Xx


  • Ramble on

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    Good morning happy people! I always end up thinking how happy I am when I work with people with energy and creativity. A day with laughter is always a great day to remember for me and it makes such a big difference with a positive mind. A great way to think is ‘if I were to die tomorrow, would it be worth it to be angry about this now?’. Its a bit dramatic I know, but I think it would spare us a lot of energy. Xx

  • Color poppin’

    colorpop_carolineroxy3 colorpop_carolineroxy2 colorpop_carolineroxy7 colorpop_carolineroxy5 colorpop_carolineroxy4 colorpop_carolineroxy6 colorpop_carolineroxy1 colorpop_carolineroxy8Shorts HERE / Top HERE / Shoes re-done Converse / Jewelry Glitter

    Åh, kan inte beskriva hur mycket jag saknar att gå baronet  alltså på riktigt. Short och boots eller sneakers.. Hjälp! För mig är det verkligen en sån speciell känsla. Är inte skapt för kyla även om jag tycker det är mysigt en kortare period. Nu dags för skissande deluxe. Hoppas ni har haft världens bästa helg. Jag är så lycklig att jag måste nypa mig i skinnet. Xx

    Oh, I don’t know if I can describe how much I miss being in shorts and sneakers (yes, already haha!!). But seriously, it’s such a lovely feeling for me. I’m gonna work, work, work, work, work now, but with a really fun project that I’m gonna sink into really deep because I need that so much right now. Hope y’all have an amazing weekend! XX

  • Lookin’ straight ahead







    Jacket: Jofama by Roxy HERE / Jeans Replay / Hat Jofama / Top IvyRevel / Photo: Madelen H

    Åhmenhejsanhoppsan. Nu vaknar jag och brudarna upp här på hotellet i Göteborg efter en riktig pangkväll, grymmaaaa ni var alltså! Jag Djade i lite över 2 timmar sent in på småtimmarna och sen skrattade vi och hade det bra 🙂 Vi ska njuta av hotellfrulle, spa, chill innan det bär av hem mot Stockholm igen. Myspys!! Xx

    Ohhellothere. Me and the girls are just waking up here in Gothenburg after an amazing night, you’re awesome! I played for two hours until 3 am and then we laughed and had fun 🙂 We’re gonna enjoy the hotel breakfast now, spa, chill and then head back to Stockholm again. Cosy! Xx


  • X

    neon_carolineroxy1 neon_carolineroxy neon_carolineroxy5 neon_carolineroxy2 neon_carolineroxy3 neon_carolineroxy4
    Jacket Jofama By Roxy (here) / Shoes Ash (here) / Top Concrete humanity (here) / Shorts Runwaydreamz / Photo Madelen Holmström

    Good morning babes! Yesterday was so much fun. We hosted our party the ‘french bazaar’ at the club Hotellet in Stockholm and we changed the whole club to this amazing bazaar vibe, filled the whole place with a lot of exotic food, exotic music and happy, dancing people. It’s just amazing how much music can do. Now I’m off to a meeting, then to a fitting for a commercial movie next week and then I hope to hit the gym! Hope y’all have an amazing saturday! Xx


  • Do you recall, not long ago, we would walk at the sidewalk?


    When you’re able to enjoy the small things in life, I think that’s when you reach happiness. I recently found myself looking at life in a different way, like I actually can see really clear what people I want to keep in my life, the ones that makes me really happy and that there are truly genuine people around me and also what makes me really happy. When I step outside and the sun touches my face, I take a deep breath and just breath all the energy in. I wished we all could be on this earth together and take care of each other, help the ones in need. The world would be such a better place if we put all our energy on good things.

    Sometimes you have a hard time, and it’s OK. Don’t judge people. You don’t know their story.
    Put a smile on someones face today. <3

  • DJ tour


    14 July: Visby, Gotland
    16 July: Visby Gotland
    18 July: Löga Beach Party
    24-27 July: Marbella
    28 July-1Aug: Ibiza

    Here’s my schedule so far, hope to see you out there 🙂

    PS. Jag lär mig en massa grymt av DJ Samvice just nu. Det går att anmäla sig till kurser hos honom på StarDJ ! Kommer skriva er om det efter nästa gång 🙂

  • Dead legacy X Caroline Roxy


    So excited about this collab! Now you can buy these t-shirts in online stores and at NK Stockholm and NK Gothenburg. Weird feeling when people walk around with me on their t-shirts, haha.. They’re available for both men and women.

    MEN: 1 HERE / 2 HERE / 3 HERE / 4 HERE
    WOMEN: 1 HERE / 2 HERE / 3 HERE / 4 HERE

    You can still enter the competition to win my Jofama by Roxy-leather jacket. All you have to do is to like my new Facebook-site HERE <3