• Roadtrippin’ like it’s the last thing we do

    ntrlrbls ntrlrbls3ntrlrbls2Shot for Ntrl Rbls

    We just spontaneously decided to do a roadtrip to Vegas, so, here we go!! I’m going to drive the whole way I guess, since I love driving, especially this route, it’s like a dream. Girls’ roadtrip to Vegas aint that bad I mean. We booked ourselves a suite and we’re going out tonight where our swedish friend is DJing. And tomorrow we’re having breakfast in bed. I love adventures like this.. So stoked!!! Xx

  • Bleeding angel

    angelshoot4 angelshoot_carolineroxy angelshoot5 angelshoot3 angelshoot2 angelshoot6

    I actually got to play a real angel. The movie shooting was high up in the mountains and the surrounding was just amazing. We had call time 8 am in the morning and wrapped it up around 11 pm so it was a long, long day. I’m so excited about the result. I wore a beautiful dress from Dmretro and wings with blood on it. Now my friend Malin has arrived here to visit me, can’t wait to show her town! Think we might go on a trip for the weekend as well. Hope you’re having an awesome friday! 🙂 Xx

  • Sunday brunchin’

    brunch2 brunch3 brunch1 brunch5 brunch4 brunch6
    All photos taken with Lumix GX8

    What a lovely sunday, that’s for sure! Woke up with sunshine in my eyes, didn’t sleep so good though, apparently it was the Leo full moon and I usually don’t sleep when it’s a full moon and I guess it’s even worse when it’s my own full moon, huh? 😛 Anyways, the sunshine gave me enough of energy and me and Sarah met up with Therese at Toast to have brunch. The food was amazing and we shared so many laughters. Right after I went to Hollywood for a photoshoot, inside this time and more of a high fashion vibe. Time for a movie under the stars, how rad is that?! Lots of love! Xx

  • Stitches


    A lot of different shoots lately. Which is fun! I usually prefer being on location but working in the studio can be so much fun with the right crew! Yesterday I shot in Orange County. I drove there by the morning and traffic was massive, of course I ended up in the same traffic back home haha 😀 But it doesn’t matter because the photoshoot was amazing. I even got to sit on the front of an old school Ford while someone was driving, how much fun? Haha, I laughed so much since the squad was as crazy as me. I’m actually off to shoot again today. Hope y’all have a truly amazing, inspiring, creative or just awesomely chilly sunday!! 😀 LOVE! Xx

  • You want something? Fight for it. Go get it!

    americanfootball_roxy3 americanfootball_roxy americanfootball_roxy2

    So. School been so educating lately. It’s fascinating learning more about the brain and how it works. I’d really like to share it with you on a bigger plan. But for now on.. Believe in yourself. I mean really believe. Take one deep breath and when you breath out, think ‘I’m enough’, next time ‘I’m more than enough’. Because you are. If you want something. Go get it. It’s yours. Fight for it and be calm with the feeling that you’ll be perfectly fine. Everything will end up just the way it’s supposed to be. Just keep moving <3

  • Truth is the biggest power in life. Worship it.

    djungle_carolineroxy4 djungle_carolineroxy1 djungle_carolineroxy2

    Shades Lespecs / Shorts H&M / Bikini Victorias secret / Shoes Dr Martens Sarenza

    Saturyaaaay and today’s photoshoot location is on the playaaaaa! My fav place because it’s so much freedom and energy there. The ocean is so powerful but yet so calming. I learned a really interesting thing this week: the truth is the most powerful thing and it’s never in your brain, it’s always in your/others actions. If you don’t live your truth you live in denial and one could do that forever if you’re scared for the truth. It goes much deeper than that and you really have to think about it in many different ways to understand it for real, but when you do it seems so easy. Just a thought! Much love, Xx

  • Got milk?


    Oh, it’s so amazing to meet up with everyone here again. And the creativity, wow. I’m working on 4-5 different projects now and still I can’t sleep at night because my brain is too busy. So many things I wanna do all the time and too little time, someone that feels me? 😀 Looks like I’ve monday off though since it’s Martin Luther King day. Off to class, casting and fitting today. Have a beautiful friday! Xx

  • If I die I’m a legend

    newyork_carolineroxy5 newyork_carolineroxy2 newyork_carolineroxy1 newyork_carolineroxy3 newyork_carolineroxy4Jacket & pants Replay / Boots Unif

    Flashbacks from New York. Thinking about going there for fashion week again. As always. Dunno if I could handle Soho right now tho. But the energy of New York streets is always good. Inspirational and living. Got the best morning view ever yesterday. The sunrise was above everything I’ve ever seen. Pink, orange and so alive and energetic. Wow. Hard work today and tomorrow and a casting. And a big decision to make. Xx