Truth is the biggest power in life. Worship it.

djungle_carolineroxy4 djungle_carolineroxy1 djungle_carolineroxy2

Shades Lespecs / Shorts H&M / Bikini Victorias secret / Shoes Dr Martens Sarenza

Saturyaaaay and today’s photoshoot location is on the playaaaaa! My fav place because it’s so much freedom and energy there. The ocean is so powerful but yet so calming. I learned a really interesting thing this week: the truth is the most powerful thing and it’s never in your brain, it’s always in your/others actions. If you don’t live your truth you live in denial and one could do that forever if you’re scared for the truth. It goes much deeper than that and you really have to think about it in many different ways to understand it for real, but when you do it seems so easy. Just a thought! Much love, Xx


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