Lumix GX8 & CM1

GX8_2aLumix GX8

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GX8_6aLumix GX8

Lumix CM1

4K function

I’ve done another project together with Lumix and I’m so honored to be an ambassador for them since I really love their products. For this project I used the Lumix GX8 and the camera phone CM1. I focused on really trying to capture the feeling of Copenhagen.

The CM1 have all the features of a smartphone with all the components of a great digital camera and I kind of see it more like a digital camera that you can actually use as a phone. It’s still small and it has a Leica lens. Focus, aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance can all be adjusted manually and it’s also capable of Raw images and the function 4k-photo.
I’ve tried out the function 4K-photo even more and it’s so good when you really want to capture that one photo but you just hav done chance. You record a whole video and then you can choose the exact frame that you want to make into a photo.
This function is also available at the GX8 camera which is the upgrade from the GX7 that I used earlier. I love this camera so much already, it’s even better than the last one and this also has a tiltable display, good for selfies, haha – seriously though it’s amazing if you want to capture a good memory with you and your beloved ones.
I had a great experience and photographing has never been so enjoyable and easy!

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