We’re pirates

Skepp o hoj! 😀 Vilken hĂ€rlig mĂ„ndag att vakna till! Och hur hĂ€rlig Ă€r den hĂ€r piratbĂ„ten vi hamnade pĂ„ helt random i södra delen av Bali? Jag Ă€lskar nĂ€r man sĂ€ger “go for it” i livet och bara hamnar dĂ€r man hamnar, det Ă€r oftast Ă€ventyren som blir som bĂ€st och som man alltid minns! Xx

We’re on a boat! 😀 What an amazing monad to wake up to! And how amazing is this pirate boat we kind of randomly ended up on at the south part of Bali? I love when you say ‘go for it’ in life and you just end up where you end up, they’re almost always the best kind of adventures and that you’ll always remember! Xx

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