• Arsenic Magazine – The hills

    hills2 hills hills3

    The shoot I did for Arsenic Magazine is out. That day was so freakin hot!! But I love their house up in the hills, as you can see the view is amaaazing! By the way, I’m gonna boxing with my personal trainer and I can’t wait. I love boxing because it has always been like therapy for me. If I’m sad, angry or whatever I can just release all the bad energy during a boxing session… and it’s good work out!! Have a happy sunday babes! Xx

  • Le Specs

    Shot for Le Specs

    Latest days have been sooo cosy. We went to the Santa Monica pier at 9 pm and then took a blanket and laid on the beach watching the stars and talked about life for hours. Then it started raining, haha. But just a little so it was still cosy! I really like enjoying the nature around. A night at the beach can mean so much more than a fancy dinner outside. I really appreciate those ‘simple’ moments. Xx

  • Nakid magazine – Yogurt

    yogurt yogurt2 yogurt3

    Editorial for Nakid magazine / Photo: Steph Verschuren

    The shoot I did when I actually got to bath in pink milk is out! Haha can’t believe my happiness. I love milk and I love to pink. What more? To be creative! Also, Steph is an amazing photographer who likes to shoot candid photos and his work is just amazing. See the whole editorial here in Nakid magazine!

  • Sisters

    Beanies from republicofsweden

    My beautiful, beautiful sister. Words can not describe my love for her. I don’t know if its possible to count all the hours laughing together. Isn’t laughing like the best thing in life? I’m so grateful for having a friend like here, for sharing all the thousand memories together and more to come. We might actually be heading to a really exciting one right now 😉 Xx

  • Do you recall, not long ago, we would walk at the sidewalk?


    When you’re able to enjoy the small things in life, I think that’s when you reach happiness. I recently found myself looking at life in a different way, like I actually can see really clear what people I want to keep in my life, the ones that makes me really happy and that there are truly genuine people around me and also what makes me really happy. When I step outside and the sun touches my face, I take a deep breath and just breath all the energy in. I wished we all could be on this earth together and take care of each other, help the ones in need. The world would be such a better place if we put all our energy on good things.

    Sometimes you have a hard time, and it’s OK. Don’t judge people. You don’t know their story.
    Put a smile on someones face today. <3

  • Street spirit

    santamonica_carolineroxy1 santamonica_carolineroxy4 santamonica_carolineroxy5 santamonica_carolineroxy8 santamonica_carolineroxy6 santamonica_carolineroxy2 santamonica_carolineroxy7 santamonica_carolineroxy3

    The latest days have been so amazing. We tried to live in the moment and spread love about the people around us after realizing that we can’t do so much about all the bad things going on in the world right now. You have to see what you can do, and to make someone happy and share a smile is the most beautiful thing in the world. This thursday we did a charity run called OperationTurkey, we all ran 5 miles and for each mile one turkey was donated. We fed 4000 people. Then we went to a preparty with a magazine I’ve worked with and ended up at 1oak and at Leo’s after party with dinosaurs. DINOSAURS. A big T-rex head, it was like the best moment of my life, haha. But really. Omg. Xx

  • On my mind

    colorbomb_carolineroxy2 colorbomb_carolineroxy3 colorbomb_carolineroxy4
    hoes Henrykole

    So, I bet I’m not the only one that have a hard time letting go off whats happening in the world right now. I mean, I don’t want to pretend it’s not happening, but I think we have to try our best to keep on living. And even better – take care of the people around you, give someone an extra hug, be kind to each other and tell someone what they mean to you, we need it now more than ever even if it’s always really important. Today I’m off to a shoot and tonight celebrating a really nice thing. In between I’m hanging out with my beautiful friend Cecilia, the balance in our friendship is amazing – we can talk about the deepest things but also be so, so silly. That’s just beautiful and I hope everyone has a friend like that! Xx

  • Ibiza photo diary

    ibizaphotodiary5 ibizaphotodiary ibizaphotodiary2 ibizaphotodiary3 ibizaphotodiary4 ibiza12 ibiza7

    Wow, it literally feels like Ibiza was so long ago. It’s only three months and I found this pictures I haven’t posted. I’ve such a blessing this year to receive the longest summer ever. I mean, its still like summer for me here in LA. I’ve learned so much this summer. Met so many new people, made memories with both old and new friends, have seen so many places and laughed so much. Early mornings, late nights, a great mix of everything and I just want to thank everyone involved. So grateful <3

  • Cicci & Roxy X Warwick

    warwick2 warwick3 warwick4 warwick5

    The party was so much fun! We were a big group of swedish girl (can it be a better squad to take over the club, haha, the rumor about swedish people is that we can party so hard…) We had dinner at Avantine before, amazing as always and then went around the corner to Warwick where we had two tables. It’s so much fun planning parties witch Cicci because we always think the same. Our first party together was beginning of this summer in Stockholm and man, that summer was amazing. Now when we’re here, it feels like it’s still summer.. Love it. Xx