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Greece snapshots

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Alltså saknar redan Grekland så mycket. Galet vad kul vi hade! Vi var iväg 6 dagar och jag jobbade som modell varje dag för träningsmärket Stronger och deras nya sommarkollektion som släpps inom kort där jag även gästdesignat – hur kul?! Vi var livets roligaste gäng och det slutade med att alla pratade gotländska hela resan och hade sjukt intensiva och långa dagar ihop så vi blev som en stor familj. Jag lyckades även köra offroad på en väg som var helt avstängd så vi alla var helt livrädda och trodde vi skulle dö som i en skräckfilm, når toppen på en backe och vad står där om inte en gravsten? HAHA, det är bara en av alla stories. Vilka minnen <3

Oh my, I already miss Greece so much. We had so much crazy fun! We went there for six days and I worked as a model every day for the work out brand Stronger and their new summer collection that will be released soon where I also appeared as a guest designer – how fun?! We was the most fun team and had long intense days together so in the end we felt like a family. I even managed to drive our car offroad and the road was closed so we were scared to death and thought about dying like in a horror movie, gets to the top of a hill and see a gravestone?! LOL, thats only one of all stories. Memories! <3


  • Elin Hansson

    Oh Amazing photos darling!!

    Backpacking – the best thing I ever have done

    Traveling is the best thing in the world. I was so tired of being home and after having a depression I decided to leave Sweden for awhile. It was in the end of november I took the flight all the way to New Zealand. I just wanted to get far as possible from Sweden, needed to meet new people and get distance from home. It was the best time of my life – I met a lot of people and I saw the most amazing views over down under. Because I already had a home ticket I went home in the beginning of january. I was only home for a week and then I decided to go to Asia. I went home, booked a new ticket and went straight to Asia. I spend like 2,5 month in Asia and visited Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. Backpacking is the best thing I ever have done. It’s not happened that often that I see big bloggers like you go backapacking – and that’s a thing I really really recommend everyone to do.

    During my trip I saw places in the Philippines that will be destroyed because of people like us want the luxury, want hotels and resorts. The people who living on these places in their spartan “houses” (if you even can call it houses) need to move away because of this. That is so sad. Now I wanna share this beauty of backpacking with you.
    Because of my backpacking in New Zealand and Asia I have a lot of photos to show up in my blog. This is just the beginning of my blogcareer and I really hope you guys wanna follow me. I combinate fashion, travel and photography.

    Here you have some of my most popular blogpost, hopefully you like it!

    Look at this amazing long red dress that I photographed in New Zealand. Isn’t the view amazing?!

    What about Milford Sound, Fiordland? One of the most beautiful places in the world. Look at these mountains… the ferry look so small when you see it in front of the high mountains (last picture).

    And what about these “Travel around the world” photos. Which one is your favorite?

    Please have a look if you like:




    Thank you! Hope you enjoy the blogpost! 🙂

    And to everybody who taking time reading this! Please check out my blog and share your story! I would really like to hear from you.

    Best Regards,

    Elin Hansson

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